About BBSA

The Black Business Students Association (BBSA) and its members have a rich tradition of leadership at Columbia Business School and in the broader business community. Today’s business landscape features many BBSA alumni leading some of the world’s most prominent companies. Many of those individuals cultivated their leadership capabilities during their tenures at Columbia Business School. Currently, the BBSA and its members are some of the most visible and active contributors to the campus community.

Our board members are widely recognized as campus leaders, holding executive positions in several major student organizations including Student Government, Columbia Investment Management Association, Hermes, Real Estate Association and Wine Society.

The BBSA’s programming supplements the tremendous education and resources Columbia Business School already provides to our members,  ensuring they are best prepared to succeed in their careers and in their communities.

The Real Deal Series and Mentorship Programs give students in-depth exposure to the necessary steps for success in various fields of interest

The Resume and Interview Workshops prepare them to secure jobs in those fields.

Fireside Chats and Brown Bag Lunches offer both the students and sponsoring companies incredible opportunities to learn more about each other in an intimate setting.

The Financial Modeling Workshops and additional Tutoring Services help to ensure the members are prepared to excel in the classroom and their post-MBA careers.

The extensive menu of Membership and Alumni events help to foster a strong sense of fellowship and create a powerful network amongst current students and alumni that serves as a critical source of support, knowledge, mentorship and opportunities for our constituency.

BBSA Executive Board 2010-2011


Kimberly Frye (Email: KFrye12@gsb.columbia.edu)

Sheena Gordon (Email: ShGordon12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VPs Conference:

Olivia Byanyima (Email: OByanyima12@gsb.columbia.edu)

Liz Butler (Email: EButler12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Corporate Relations:

Kathlika Thomas (Email: KThomas12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Careers:

Akili Hinson (Email: AHinson12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Special Events:

Elliot Robinson (Email: ERobinson12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Alumni:

Dewayne Guy (Email: DGuy12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Finance:

Quentin Streets (Email: QStreets12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Community Service:

Tania Clerisme (Email: TClerisme12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Membership:

Ngo Harry (Email: NHarry12@gsb.columbia.edu)

VP Communications:

Kendra Phelps (Email: KPhelps12@gsb.columbia.edu)

Director of Executive Initiatives:

Shelley Stewart (Email: SStewart12@gsb.columbia.edu)

Director of Academics:

Jermaine Brown (Email: JBrown12@gsb.columbia.edu)

Director of External Relations:

Veronica Goff (Email: VGoff12@gsb.columbia.edu)

Director of Golf Classic:

Kourtney Simons (Email: KSimons12@gsb.columbia.edu)


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